Smart Investment Strategy

At Starwealth Qilin, our unique “Smart Investment” strategy to asset and fund management places emphasis on helping our clients to achieve their personal priorities and goals. We pride ourselves in helping our clients to understand the risks involved in any investment decision, as well as helping them to identify their risk tolerance. By having an open discussion about the risk at the start of any asset and fund management conversation, we ensure that protecting clients’ wealth is always a priority before pursuing opportunities to enhance it further.

We promise to help our clients to better navigate the relationship between risk and return in the pursuit of respective financial goals. The core of our investment management philosophy is that successful performance is achieved by adopting a longer-term investment horizon and consistent approach to investment strategy and strict adherence to the due diligence and research process.


Understanding your risk profile

Measurement of risk you need to take in order to obtain a satisfactory return to achieve your goals. 

The level of risk that you are willing to take 

The financial ability to sustain risk and level of risk able to take


Recommending solutions that match your goals and risk tolerance level



Building the foundation with Passive Income Generation

We offer diversified investment portfolio and solutions across a wide spectrum of regions, industries and asset classes. Sensible risk management is a priority.


Taking advantage of Market Opportunities

Implementation of 3 key measurable drivers of Valuations, Trend and Business Cycle to assess potential projects, risks and returns. Recommending investment solutions that will enable us to potentially capitalize on current market opportunities.